First things first, let me get that introduction. It is nice meeting you. Thanks for giving me some of your time to get to know me and my mission here. My name’s Anca, I’m a passionate researcher of eco-friendly alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. 

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My mission is to create a place where you can find lifestyle and product inspiration for your environmentally friendly living.

I know from my experience that it is not easy to develop healthy habits, nor to buy products that have a minimum impact on nature. But do not worry, because I am here to help you and make it easier and accessible. Part of my goal is to grow a collection of brands that provide eco-friendly products for our day to day lives. There is no catch here. I would rather appreciate it if you will be by my side and help me spread the news about environmentally friendly initiatives and support the brands that chose to take action for the planet’s health.

As I go on with my research, I’m giving you the opportunity to join me. Learn from my knowledge, contribute with ideas, and share our discoveries with others, in order to raise awareness among people about eco-friendly alternatives.  

Moreover, I plan to offer you access to special discounts and deals. You will be able to make the most out of your investment in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Let’s Connect!

Above all, I’m always looking to connect with similar thinkers and to support eco-friendly brands and companies. Hit my Instagram account and follow my future posts for more insights!