Best Natural Cleaning Products for Your Home

Natural cleaning products will always be transparent about their ingredients. You will easily see the list of ingredients listed in plain sight, not just a natural label on the packaging. This tip will help you decide whether a brand is true to its values or they are just playing along with the marketing strategy.

From dishwashing to laundry products, and from brushes to compost bins, we’ve rounded up a list of essential eco-friendly cleaning products you would need in your house cleaning routine.

1. Dish Cleaning

Dish Washing Block Soap

The multipurpose washing soap recipe contains South American soap bark extract and coconut-based cleaners. Add aloe to the formula so it can take good care of your hands too. It works for dishwashing, as well as for other chores in the house, like cleaning spots on carpets or for wiping down various surfaces. It comes in 100% recyclable paper based packaging, and it is being marked as vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and of course palm free.

Zero Waste Dish Washing Block Soap / US based / worldwide delivery

Wood Dish Brush

The Redecker wood brush is made by a renowned German company, that puts a high value on ecological and practical products. The brush has a Beachwood body, recyclable metal joints, and extra-stiff plant bristles. The all-natural strong bristles last a long period of time, being able to resist high heat. Even so, when it wears out, remove the head and put it in your compost. Replace it with a new one, which is available separately.

No Plastic Wood Dish Brush / US based / worldwide delivery

Bottle Brush

If you love brushes, you will need to add this one to your cleaning kit. The Beechwood bottle brush has natural light bristles and it is ideal for cleaning your repurposed jars, your coffee brewer, or the milk bottles. It is about 14 inches / 35 cm, 100% plastic free, and therefore fully compostable.

Wood Handle Bottle Brush / US based / worldwide delivery

Compostable Kitchen Sponge Set

Coconut scourers and plant fiber sponges are both plastic free and fully compostable once their life is over. Coconut fiber and tree rubber make the perfect natural cleaning products for your environmentally-friendly kitchen. The plant fiber sponges are working great at wiping down any surfaces, as they absorb up to 20 times their own weight.

Compostable Kitchen Sponge Set / Australia based / worldwide delivery

Pot Scrubber

Sustainable bamboo handle with 100% plant based bristles, pair it with a dish soap bar to have the complete all natural kit for cleaning stubborn bits of foods on your pots. Once it will have done its lifetime mission, place this cutie in your compost bin so it will complete its natural cycle.

Pot Scrubber / Australia based / worldwide delivery

Natural Cast Iron Seasoning and Conditioner

This natural pot conditioner contains only sea salt, coconut, flaxseed and castor oils. It comes in a 21.6 ounces/600 grams glass jar with a metal lid, making it a whole long-lasting, recyclable, and therefore environmentally friendly product. To get the best results, first, clean your cookware of any scraps, rinse out salt and oil with warm water, heat the cookware on the stove, meanwhile wipe out all the remaining oil and water and lastly when the cookware begins to smoke, remove from heat and let it cool. This is indeed one of the hard working natural cleaning products since it does the work all by itself.

Natural Cast Iron Seasoning and Conditioner / US based / worldwide delivery

2. Laundry Products

Laundry Detergent Strips

This is one mind-blowing strip of detergent, as one 3 grams strip equals the usual weight of 40 g of common detergents needed for a laundry load. This dramatically reduces the costs for both transportation and deposit spaces, reducing its footprint to a minimum. Besides saving up to lots of plastic jugs, the cleaning power formula is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Check the product description on the website to see all the environmentally friendly ingredients involved in the magical product.

Zero Waste, Plastic Free Laundry Detergent Strips / US based / worldwide delivery

Laundry Stain Remover

The all natural stain remover manages to solve fresh and set-in stains as well. Whether you’re fighting grease, clay, or any drinks stains, this pure coconut oil formula is designed to tackle them. First wet the bar and the stained area, lather, and then wash it as usual.

Plastic Free Laundry Stain Remover / US based / worldwide delivery

Washing Bag

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is designed to filter the tiniest microfibers and microplastics released from clothes during laundry washing and prevent them from entering waterways. Just put your clothes inside the washing bag, close it, and wash as usual. When the load is over, take your garments and dispose the microparticles along with your regular waste.

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Washing Bag / Denmark based / worldwide delivery

3. Home Cleaning Products

Copper Scrubber

Did you miss a good old fashion scrubber? This copper cleaner will not scratch, as copper is a soft metal. Nonetheless it is advised not to use it on Teflon surfaces. It makes for a gentle help for removing extra-persistent dirt, like extra grease on pots, stove or glass, layers of rust on bikes or other metal surfaces, or for the construction debris removal.

Copper Scour Pads / US based / worldwide delivery

NotPaper Towels

Kitchen paper towel roll or cleaning cloths, your days are over. Reusables are gaining terrain back and these high-quality handmade towels are here to stay. They are made from absorbent organic cotton flannel, pre-washed before sewing so they won’t shrink whey you will wash them over and over again. The towels are fully biodegradable once you decide that it is time for a new set.

NotPaper Towels / US based / worldwide delivery

Scrub Brush

The brush design is made to perfectly fit in your palm, featuring a rounded profile to maximize the comfort of using it. The stiff natural bristles are slightly angled in order to make any corner easy to reach and clean. No plastic materials also mean zero waste, as the beechwood body and natural bristles are 100% compostable. These features make it be a part of our list of eco-friendly and natural cleaning products that you could try to fit into your routine.

Plastic Free Scrub Brush / US based / worldwide delivery

Not a Plastic Bag – Bin Liner

While most eco labeled bin liners are still not compostable, this corn based bag is fully biodegradable. It contains corn which is not proper for consumption, corn byproducts and an oil agent meant to hurry the degradation process of the product. Moreover, the print itself is as eco-friendly as you can get, as they use soy based ink for the work.

Bin Liner / Australia based / worldwide delivery

Compost Bin

Any cooking process ends with some food scraps and with a short cleaning session. To make it easier and eco-friendlier than ever before, you need a stylish compost bin in your kitchen. This one is the perfect fit as it comes equipped with a charcoal filter under the lid, in order to neutralize the odors. You can let your compost ventilate with elegance on the kitchen counter.

compost bin
Compost Bin / Australia based / worldwide delivery

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I have been slowly converting all my cleaning products to be more environmentally friendly and non-toxic so these suggestions have been fabulous. I am planning to order the pot and copper scrubber as mine is currently plastic.

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