Top 5 Eco Friendly Period Products to Try

Soaps, food, or clothing, whatever you have in mind, you can find an organic-only version of it these days. But what about your period products? Are there available choices for eco-friendly period products, plastic free and chemical free? Then again, what are the solutions that we can all adapt to limit the trash generated by a woman’s period?

It is important to realize that people are becoming more aware of the effect that care products have on their bodies. And this is the case for menstrual products too, which come in direct contact with a woman’s body. Regular tampons and pads on the market expose our bodies to non-organic substances.

Equally important is the environmental impact they cause. Let’s just try out some math here. Think about how many tampons or pads you use each month, I’d say around 30. So 30 pieces of trash a month, 360 a year, for about 35 years or so? 126000 pieces in a woman’s lifetime. I did not count the daily liners nor the packaging.

With this in mind, here is a list of eco-friendly period products to try out and decide which one suits our green life better:

1. Organic Tampons

Enroush is making bio-degradable and hypoallergenic tampons from 100% certified organic cotton. The product was designed in Switzerland and it is currently being made in Germany. Not to mention that it received the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification. The product has the shape of a regular tampon and it comes in different sizes and absorbencies. This in particular makes it easy for you to switch to an organic menstrual product without any discomfort on your side.

organic tampon eco friendly period product / Switzerland based / shipping to Germany, Austria, and Romania

You can get a subscription for “that time of the month” delivered straight to your door every month.

2. Eco Friendly Pads

Aisle is making reusable pads, that can hold up to 4 tampons worth and can be machine washed and dried. The product is manufactured in Canada, and it is made of breathable organic cotton and recycled polyester, which is Global Recycled Standard Certified. The company is also B Corp Certified, meaning the business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. / based in Canada / worldwide shipping

3. Daily Liners

These soft and thin thong liners from Rael are made from two layers of responsibly sourced organic cotton and a third protective waterproof layer that prevents any leaks. Besides, the liner is washing machine safe, so you can just include it in your usual laundry routine and wear it the next day.

Enroush also offers ultra-thin organic liners, with a sustainable high-absorbency plant-based core and organic cotton top sheet.

organic daily liner eco friendly period products
Use this link and get a 10% off coupon from Enroush.

3. Menstrual Cup

The Aisle menstrual cup is made of 100% medical-grade reusable silicone, and you can wear it for up to 12 hours. Specifically, the cup has a capacity of 6 tampons, and it comes in 2 sizes, for if you’ve given birth or not. The design process took into consideration the convenience of use: empty, wash, re-insert, and enjoy your day or night. Just replace your cup with a new one once a year.

4. Sea Sponge

A menstrual sponge, or a sea sponge is very absorbent and it expands to keep the liquid inside. Companies that sell sea sponges as eco-friendly period products claim they have natural antibacterial properties and don’t contain cancer causing chemicals. However, these sponges are not recommended by any medical professional or regulating bodies for menstrual uses. Research shows that even if you would boil the sponge prior to use, it does not mean that it’s free of particles of sand, mold, or bacteria. Sea sponges are currently being better sold as cosmetic products, rather than as a menstrual alternative product.

5. Period Underwear

Aisle is making period panties as well, and you can get it in 4 styles, such as bikini, hipster, boxer brief, or brief. To point out, the underwear piece can hold up to 2 tampons, and it includes a bonus insert for heavier days, which brings it up to 4 tampons worth.

period underwear eco friendly period products

Modibodi on the other hand has way more options in terms of colors and underwear style, but my favorite has to be the swimming collection. Their water-resistant swimmers provide all-day protection both in water and while sunbathing, they dry super fast and won’t stain. It takes the pressure off surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. Period.

swim period bikini eco friendly period product
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But to put it differently, have you tried any eco-friendly period products yet? Share with us your experience and help women all around the world make their choice.

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I honestly can’t say I’ve given real thought about this, but now that I’ve read this article, there are a lot more choices that I previously thought. Aisle products but especially the period underwear is something I’d check out so too the Modibodi!

It is good to know that there are so many choices available nowadays. I hope they had these when I was still having my periods. I’d recommend those organic tampons to my daughter.

I honestly never heard of the sea sponge but these are great alternatives. It’s incredible to see all the various options out there today to make periods a little more comfortable for women.

I try to use eco-friendly products as much as possible and it’s great to hear that there are eco-friendly period products. I’ve never heard of the sea sponge before.

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