Natural Accessories and Botanical Decoration

Náttúral is a brand of botanical dried flower, natural accessories, and plant-based products made and grown in the UK. To begin with, it represents the idea of two friends with similar thoughts, who decided to make the decision of their lifetime and commit to their passion, botanical design. Kristina, having a background in luxury retail design and Fiona, the textile and accessories designer who took her screen to the countryside, launched the online store in February 2020.

The brand is committed to local sourcing of materials and ethical production of its items as much as possible. For this reason, they are working on their own farm located in Lincolnshire UK, in order to be able as soon as possible to grown and preserve their own flowers. Until the farm will be fully operational, the transportation of materials is kept to the minimum possible, by using flowers sourced from UK producers.

Moreover, the Náttúral store features other similar sustainable products as well, to complete the collection and support like-minded ideas.

Natural Bridal Accessories

Dried flowers are returning as one of the biggest wedding decorations trends of recent years. They are also the perfect inexpensive and sustainable option for your wedding bouquets. In addition, they will provide delicate fragrances to your wedding day and to many more days to come. Whether you chose a vintage or a modern theme, dried flowers decor will make for some wow-worthy moments on your special day.

Take a look at the dried floral accessories below

If you are looking for bride or bridesmaid flowers, this romantic bouquet in shades of white, cream taupe, sand and pale bleached greens packed, comes tied with a silk sari ribbon and it can be made in various sizes. Pair it with matching corsages to complete your wedding theme natural accessories.

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets

Smudge sticks make for perfect botanical wedding favors. They are designed specifically to bring harmony and positive feelings to your environment.

Bridal Smudge Stick

Spoil yourself with a botanical bridal crown and give headbands as special treats for your little guests. Unless you want to fully customize your own style, pick this Wheat grains, Cedar Rose, Delphinium, Setaria, Seedheads, Strawflower, Grass, and Poppies mix, wrapped with an Indian silk sari.

Bridal Crown

Náttúral also offers to opportunity to arrange a consultation first, to get the best out of your natural accessories wedding ideas.


Natural Decoration

When it comes to home decorations, any project must start with the overall bigger picture in mind. But any creative in the industry knows that the perfect look involves the right combination of details and items in a room for the final design to work.

Home Decor Accessories

If you are looking to style your home in an environmentally friendly way, think of some natural accents that would do the job. Flowers are the first natural accessories that come to mind. The Náttúral collection of aromatic dried flower bouquets features sophisticated combinations and styles. Every bouquet is custom made and homemade with care. This is a more sustainable alternative to the fresh flower bouquet because it will last longer in time. It also makes the perfect gift for your loved ones, as it comes in a recyclable box tied with cotton twine, ready to make the perfect sustainable gift.


Think recyclable and reusable when you try to decorate an eco-friendly home. Artisans in Malaysia are doing these natural seagrass baskets. Pick a bright color for one of these soft square shaped baskets if you need it to work as a strong central piece in the room. Otherwise, opt for more chalky pastels or natural shades to blend it in your design.

Soft Seagrass Basket with lid

Display eye-catching pieces on your shelves. These unique glass vases are handmade from reclaimed wine bottles. Use them in the design process especially to complement a neutral piece, like a natural wooden piece of furniture.

Earth-friendly Glass Vases

Match the vases with an earthy candle pot, handmade in North Cornwall from a unique blend of wax and Geranium fragrance.

Handmade Candles – Geranium

Gift Wrapes

If you plan to give someone an eco-friendly gift for their birthday, save wasteful paper and opt for textile gift wraps. Each gift wrap is unique in design, because it is made from recycled saris from a recognized Fair Trade supplier in Nepal.

Recycled Sari Gift Wraps

Pimp your Sustainable Wardrobe with Natural Accessories

Accessories your basic pieces of clothing with this unique collection of patterns and colors. The materials are sourced from repurposed Indian silk saris, recycled, and reused in new designs. Therefore, this is what makes each piece the only one of its kind. These lovely vintage fabrics will complement nicely any basic piece of clothing.

Silk Scarf

I recently wrote an article about owning a sustainable wardrobe, so you can find more about it in this article: How to create a sustainable wardrobe: start with Organic Basics

Silk Hair Band

If you hardly buy a basic piece of clothing just because you saw it in the window display, then you should know that it is completely different when it comes to eye-catching accessories. That is because everyone gets excited about statement items.

Pouch Purse

Experimenting with playful color combinations, as accessories are a great way to add color to your look. Style your work outfit with this sustainable colorful laptop case. Repurposed silk makes this quilted handmade pouch a sustainable and ethical accessory option.

Quilted Silk Handmade, Laptop Pouch

When it comes to Náttúral jewelry, artisans in Taiwan work on a collection of seed-based pieces. These dark brown drop earrings are handmade using Dried Poona oil tree seed pods in natural tones, with gold plated earring hooks.

Poona Earrings

Unleash Your Creativity

Well I saved the best part for last. If at some point in time of your eco-friendly journey, you are feeling creatives yourself, note that the shop offers a complete Wannabe Florist Tool Kit. It contains the most needed tools in the floristry industry:

  • Galvanized steel rectangle bucket with wood handle
  • Pair of professional florist carbon blade scissors
  • Pair of stainless steel Draper bypass-pattern secateurs with redwood handles.
  • Floristry knife – a strong knife ideal for cutting stems when conditioning or arranging
  • Small pin holder
  • Reel of binding wire
  • Roll of stem-tex tape
  • 10 Stem wires
  • Roll of jute twine string natural
  • Roll of heavy-duty cotton string.
The Wannabe Florist Tool Kit

Moreover, Náttúral offers ecofinds‘s readers a 10% discount code for their orders. Just go to Náttú, picks your eco-friendly items, and use the code ECOFINDS at checkout.

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