Your Genuine Cotton Clothes: Stunning Comfort of Organic Basics

The story of Organic Cotton Clothes Collection

Organic Basics is a Copenhagen based brand, that I previously talked about in this article “How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe: Start with Organic Basics“. OB makes activewear, underwear, and everyday essentials using natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, and low impact fabrics.

This time, I had the opportunity to enter a product sample collaboration with them, that is focusing on the Organic Cotton clothes Collection. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton makes up 95% of the clothes’ material. This certification aims to ensure you, the end consumer, that the whole process of manufacturing, from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing and up to labelling is environmentally and socially responsible.

The cotton grows in a chemical-free manner and then it gets to be hand-picked, all on the coast of the beautiful Aegean Sea. Two factories in Turkey manufacture the Organic Cotton Collection, and they both have strong environmental policies regarding the production. The GOTS standard certification also guarantees that all the people involved in the process of manufacturing are getting decent wages.

Organic Cotton Complete Pack

Fit and Sizing

My usual dimensions are 85cm bust, 75cm underband, 68cm waist and 92cm hips and I am 160cm tall. I have the Organic Cotton Complete Pack in size S and I am overall satisfied with how it fits. Needless to say that my usual size suffers some alterations during winter times. Especially around Christmas(when I write this article), I tend to add some centimetres around hips… I had to clarify this because I do feel that the briefs are slightly pressing on my buttocks. I blame my diet because it happens with most of my other panties too. Even though I did not try a size M, I don’t think it would be better for my winter size, as it seems further away in dimensions.

Organic Cotton Starter Pack

The Ultimate Test of the Comfort Feel

When thinking about the comfort level of the organic cotton clothes collection, I realize that the best way to put it to a meaningful test is to wear it in a situation when I would normally wear my comfiest outfit available. What better opportunity to do it but a three days driving trip. Naturally, when driving for so long, the bra is the first things that I get rid of during the trip. It usually ends up on the back of my car seat, and it stays there for some days after the trip has ended too.

That being said, I put on my underwear set first thing in the morning and got on the road. This “getting rid of the bra while on vacation” move is becoming quite a habit of mine. Originally, I thought that the triangle bra was not going to last for long, despite imagining it as comfiest as it could be. I later realized that not even a single time during the trip, I did not felt the usual urge to throw the bra away. In fact, I never thought at all about wearing it, as at some kind of inconvenience.

Taking all into consideration, I can firmly say that the organic cotton triangle bra has passed my comfort test. Being the most demanding piece of clothing, I would argue that the entire set has passed my test as well.

Organic Cotton Triangle Bra

When in Doubt for a Gift, You Should Go for Basics

Christmas is coming and we’re living some strange times. We are told to stay inside, to work from home as much as possible and to limit our interactions with others. Despite these rules and suggestions, gifts will remain a ray of sunshine in our lives. Distance does not stop anyone from celebrating Christmas.

If you are looking to make someone you love a caring gift, look no further than some basic, comfortable organic cotton items of clothing. As working from home makes us all adopt the comfiest outfits possible, you cannot fail with Organic Basics pieces. Pick an organic cotton T-shirt, socks or an Oxford long shirt for the women in your life or treat your man with an organic cotton short-sleeved shirt.

Furthermore, Organic Basics is offering a 10% discount code to my readers. Just go to, select your gift, and use code ECOFINDSOBC2 at checkout. By using this code when shopping on, you also support my work for this blog.

Organic Cotton Complete Pack

By using the ECOFINDSOBC2 code when shopping on, you also support my work for this blog.

This is a sponsored collaboration with Organic Basics.

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